Scope of Services

The AICVB is contracted by Nassau County to carry out the County's Tourism Program as outlined in Ordinance 88-31. The AICVB's scope of services include:

  • Perform the administrative and research duties of the County's Tourism Program
  • Market planning
  • Develop and manage all advertising and marketing agencies
  • Develop and manage 3rd party specialists
  • Administration of AITDC meetings
  • Create, produce, and distribute collateral, content, website, social media, direct mail, etc
  • Build brand awareness domestically and internationally
  • Develop and manage visitor services for group business via familiarization trips, site inspections, sales missions, seminars, training, and trade shows
  • Develop and manage the Amelia Island Welcome Center
  • Develop and manage special events that increase visitation
  • Develop and manage industry and resident educational seminars that support a sustainable tourism industry
  • Produce public awareness campaigns to communicate the importance of the travel industry
  • Evaluate research for effective decision making outlined in marketing plan.
  • Provide research related to travel and hospitality
  • Produce economic impact and visitor behavioral studies
  • Evaluate program effectiveness

  • The Contractor's fee for service is to cover all administrative expenses including:

                              - Wages

                              - Benefits

                              - Operational costs

                              - Office space, rent, utilities, office cleaning, maintenance

                              -  Insurance, taxes, accounting expenses

                              -  Office equipment and supplies

                              -  Attorney/legal fees

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